Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Diary briefs

Chiang Ching-kuo’s diaries to be published - Taiwan News

Channon’s diaries to be published in full - The Bookseller, The Guardian

Highsmith’s diaries to be published - SwissInfo, The Independent (see also My guiding darkness)

The Selected Diaries of Lou Sullivan - Nightboat Books, Pink News

Diary left by mental home suicide - The Mirror

War Diaries of Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Barne - Pen & Sword Books

War-time diaries of Miksa FenyƑ - Helena History Press, National Review

Chilling diary entries of family killer - Daily Mail, The Mirror

Sontag: Her Life and Work - HarperCollins, Los Angeles Times

Extracts from Joanna Drew’s diaries - Skira, Hyperallergic

Dutch war diarist given medal - US Army, DVIDS

Tortured girl’s heartbreaking diary - The Mirror

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