Monday, February 22, 2016

Diary briefs

Diary kept by Marian Andersen - Smithsonian

WWI diary of battle in African jungle - Mail OnlineExpress

Tipperary parish priest diary - Patheos

Artemus Comstock’s mid-19th C diaries - Niagara Gazette

Elizabeth De Hart Bleecker diary online - New York Public Library

A Broken World, edited by Sebastian Faulks - Penguin

WW1 hospital diaries go online - National Archives, Centenary News

Bacon biographer finds friend’s diaries - The Guardian

Troubled footballer keeps diary - FourFourTwo

Bennett’s diaries 2005-2015 to be published - Faber & Faber, The Bookseller

Indian criminal’s diary record - Times of India

WWII refugee tales from Split - Total Croatia News

√Čamon de Valera’s prison diary to be auctioned - The Irish Times

Diaries of Sydney Opera House architect - ABC

The Diaries of Randolph Schwabe - Sansom & Company

A Collective Diary of the Last Days of the Third Reich - W. W. Norton, Washington Times

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