Thursday, February 27, 2014

Diary briefs

Revelations from diary of Hillary Clinton friend - The Washington Free Beacon, All Voices

Diary of early California settler - San Jose Mercury News

World War One diaries deciphered - York Press

Maryland gunman’s diary entries - International New York Times

More war diaries on the market - The Irish Times

Diaries of a great pantomime dame - Dudley News

A Charlotte Brontë manuscript diary entry - Biblioklept

Pope John Paul II’s diaries published in Polish - Reuters

My War Diary 1914-1918 by Ethel M Bilbrough - Ebury Press, Daily Mail

‘Rambing journal’ found in actor Philip Hoffman’s flat - The Daily Beast, Business Standard

A fisherman’s lost diary - Unbound, Caught by the River

Western Illinois diary exhibition - Western Illinois Museum, TriStates Radio

Diary provides clue in Australian murder case - The Australian

Mormon history: The Diaries of Anthony Ivins 1875-1932 - Signature Books, Wheat and Tares

Wartime romance diary turned into play - York Press

Death of Miss Olive Higgins - Olive’s Diary, Reuters

Arthur Ransome’s diary comment on BBC adaptation - The Independent

Diary of US Admiral Chester Nimitz unveiled - US Navy, Navy Times

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