Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Diary briefs

Storayacious interviews Diary Review editor! - Storyacious

Humboldt’s diaries to stay in Germany (see also Humboldt’s genius) - Deutsche Welle

Diary-based biography of Charles Causley - Cornovia Press, This is Cornwall

Missing diary of JFK lover - Times-Herald Record, Wikipedia, Huffington Post

Diaries of Al-Qaeda’s Abu Zubaydah - Al Jazeera America, CBC News

Records of a historic blizzard in Colorodo - Longmont Museum, Colorado Daily

Hong Kong’s wartime diaries - Gwulo.com

Ariel Castro’s son asks for father’s diary - The Columbus Dispatch

Rosenberg’s diary on display - US Holocaust Memorial Museum, The Jerusalem Post

Diary at issue in dog-torture case - SFGate

Herefordshire in the Great War - The Express

Chinese labour camp diary written on quilt - BBC

A New Hampshire Girl’s Diary - Sentinel Source

Sam Gevirtz’s war journals transcribed - Pritzker Military Museum & Library

Lost Jimi Hendriix diaries - RTE

Extracts from Alan Bennet’s 2013 diary - London Review of Books, Gay Star News

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